Sirius Cup Regatta

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Held at Balmoral, the Sirius Cup is now in its 73rd year of operation.  It is the premier, and the largest in NSW, Scout sailing regatta held annually with over 650 participants.

What is the Sirius Cup Regatta?

Planning for 2025 Regatta, the 73rd, is now under way.

Over the weekend the following events will be held:

  • 5 divisions of sailing races
  • canoeing races for Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders
  • rowing events
  • iron man events for all-comers
  • activities for the land lubbers

Regatta History - winners of old

29/03/24    First cut of results updated, Stop Press

27/02/24     Updated program and Stop Press

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